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Monday, May 21, 2012

Putting the Action in Transaction

SAP HANA's ability to crunch massive amounts of data for analytics is well known, if not legendary. But what about the promise of it running transactions?

The day before his keynote at SAPPHIRE NOW, Hasso Plattner met with 10 start-up companies that had taken part in a development marathon creating applications that run on SAP HANA. He asked them how it went. The answer? It was the easiest experience with SAP they ever had.

Just as it was meant to be. “If we want to change your systems on the fly, we have to have a level of quality we have never had in any previous component of SAP,” he said. Customers don’t have the six months or longer to optimize the system until it is ready for cutover, Hasso continued. It has to work 100 percent from the start.

On the keynote stage the following day, the SAP co-founder and Supervisory Board Chairman addressed the larger SAPPHIRE NOW audience, walking them through how the in-memory offering is turning its foothold in the industry into a full-out stomp as the technology and ecosystem around SAP HANA matures.

You down with OLTP?

The 10,000 to 100,000 speed multiples – though never failing to impress – are old news when it comes to SAP HANA. Customers have experienced speed on the analytical side of their business, squeezing the life out of response times and enabling a new ad-hoc, operational way of working with massive amounts of data.

But what about the promised transactional side of SAP HANA? What good is a state-of-the art in-memory database that supports both online analytical processing (OLAP) and online transactional processing (OLTP) if there are no transactional applications that can run on it?

Well, there are. SAP Business One, for example, is a transactional application that runs entirely on the in-memory database, and it’s a good example of what the future holds for OLTP from SAP.

A demo during Hasso’s keynote presented a scenario in which this solution for small businesses calls on the full gamut of SAP HANA’s capabilities. A sales manager can use free-text search, analytics, and transactions to find, analyze, and initiate an order process – all in a matter of seconds and running on a system as small as a Mac mini.

But it’s not just small businesses that can take advantage of SAP HANA’s OLTP capabilities. The real deal is coming later this year when SAP ERP is slated to run on it.

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