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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

5 Incorrect data in PSA.

1 Why the error does occur?

• It may happen some times that the incoming data to BW is having some incorrect format, or few
records have few incorrect entries. For example, expected value was in upper case and data is in
lower case or if the data was expected in numeric form, but the same was provided in Alpha
• The data load may be a Flat File load or it may be from R/3. Mostly it may seem that the Flat File
provided by the users may have incorrect format.

2 What happens when this error occur?

• The error message will appear in the job overview and will guide you what exactly we need to do for
the error occurred.
The message on the bottom of the “Header” tab of the Job Overview in RSMO will have “PSA Pflege”
written on it, which will give u direct link to the PSA data

3 What can be the possible actions to be carried out?

• Once confirmed with the error, we go ahead and check the “Detail” tab of the Job Overview to check
which Record, field and what in the data has the error.
• Once we make sure from the Extraction, in the Details tab in the Job Overview that the data was
completely extracted, we can actually see here, which record, which field, has the erroneous data.
Here we can also check the validity of the data with the previous successful load PSA data.
• When we check the data in the PSA, it will show the record with error with traffic signal as “Red”. In
order to change data in PSA, we need to have the request deleted from Manage Tab of the
InfoProvider first, only then it will allow to change the data in PSA.
• Once the change in the specific field entry in the record in PSA is done, we then save it. Once data
in PSA is changed. We then again reconstruct the same request from the manage tab. Before we
could reconstruct the request, it needs to have QM status as “Green”.
• This will update the records again which are present in the request
• Monitor the load for successful completion, and complete the further loads if any in the Process

Monday, January 2, 2012

Technical Advancement in Solution Manager 7.1

New technical component available in 7.1 -

1. Self-Diagnosis - You can view the status of the SAP Solution Manager components in the central and managed system, centrally.

2. LMDB (Landscape Management Database) - The Landscape Management Database (LMDB) is the central directory for the elements of a system landscape. To ensure the consistency of the previous sources (SLD and SMSY), LMDB is supplied with data from technical systems automatically, as far as possible. The data in LMDB is automatically replicated to SMSY.

3. Landscape Verification Tool - The landscape verification tool analyzes the description of your system landscape and compares it with information from the SAP support system to identify problems, gaps, and inconsistencies in the landscape description.

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