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Monday, November 19, 2012

Business By Design Feature pack : What next?

What next in SAP Business ByDesign?

SAP’s Business ByDesign was launched in the year of 2007. And the solutions delivered via future packs and acquired many users and their engagements.Business ByDesign has managed to stand up over 1,400 deployments in 15 countries. And more and more, these deployments are occurring outside of the traditional SME market, which is usually capped at 500 employees. On January 1, 2013, 8,500 users in the Department of Trade and Investment in New South Wales, Australia, will go live on Business ByDesign, making it the largest implementation yet.

With SAP HANA as the platform. This is the major technology innovation on SAP’s 2013 road map for Business ByDesign. In this case, the integration of HANA has little to do with speeding up processes, since Business ByDesign customers already process most of their data in main memory. 

The 4 main areas of improvement in next feature pack :

Business enhancements

In the area of professional services, new functions include external forecast integration and inter-company automation.In terms of core ERP functionality, Business ByDesign users will get new tools in the area of wholesale and manufacturing, such as a sales kit, subcontracting, batch management, and pricing flexibility.

Subsidiary support

SAP Business ByDesign can also be deployed for subsidiaries of large enterprises. In what is called a two-tier ERP approach, companies deploying SAP Business Suite can integrate their backend with subsidiaries using ByDesign.

Software development kit (SDK)

It allows companies to get very specific industry functionality in SAP Business ByDesign, which SAP simply doesn’t have the resources to provide. 

Technology innovation

SAP plans to run Business ByDesign on the SAP HANA platform. Next year, it will also move from Microsoft Silverlight to HTML5.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Run SAP Business Suite in AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and SAP have developed a close collaborative alliance dedicated to creating innovative solutions for businesses of all sizes and to delivering maximum customer value.

SAP certified solutions for production on AWS includes:

SAP HANA OneSAP Business All-in-OneSAP BusinessObjects business intelligence solutionsSAP Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS)SAP Afaria

and Now!!

Amazon Web Services Certified to Run SAP Business Suite for Production Applications..

Amazon Web Services offers a reliable and secure cloud infrastructure platform that enables businesses to quickly deploy SAP Solutions in the cloud.

Madrid Special - SAP CRM on SAP HANA

During the keynote, Oracle CEO, Gentlemen Mr.Ellison had said: “I know that SAP has an in-memory machine that is, you know, a little bit smaller than what we offer,” he joked and said “I think it’s called HANA.

As per my understanding, What he said was 100% correct because HANA is smaller when compare to Earth, When compared to Mars, When compared to Exadata, When compared to Metadata and also when compared to Users data across the World. But HANA doesn’t consider the data whether kept inside our planet or outside, a smaller machine travelling an unmatched speed with 3600X faster than Metadata or Exadata to access the user data.

By proving more and more, was recently in SAPPHIRENOW event SAP has announced CRM on HANA and promises more to come.

SAP CRM on HANA is a good approach to discover new customers, set up the existing customer by Upgrade and migration, in addition that one way to reach billion customers by 2015. And Simple, All in one platform.

Definitely HANA will change the way of CRM does business by enabling 360 degree view of real time insight into business operations. Helping us to make HANA as next generation In-Memory technology foundation.

The most one which have attracted me in this On demand CRM on HANA was Social and Mobile aspects like instant and global exposure in the social world and quickly respond to customer needs by reacts faster to the market changes.

As all we know, SAP HANA not only for SAP Applications, HANA runs with everything.

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