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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy Birthday SAP HANA !

On 18th June, Hana celebrates first birthday ! Vishal Sikka say its a first fathers day among us and all of us.Awesome experience as we got that one year has passed since SAP AG announcement came for HANA.

Dr. Vishal Sikka, member of the SAP Executive Board leading technology and innovation, will showcase the execution of our mission so far, highlight the amazing effects SAP HANA has brought to our customers across industries and lines of business, and more importantly, “ How We May Work” in the future through the eyes of HANA.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Inside SAP - E-Magazine :: Click & Read Now

Inside SAP is the only dedicated publication committed to keeping the ANZ SAP community up to date with local industry news, trends and best practice. With an emphasis on contributions and input from industry leaders, Inside SAP is published quarterly and available in both print and digital format.

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Friday, June 22, 2012

New SAP Office in Japan

All have aware the situation was happened on the month of March 2012. The Catastrophic earthquake in Japan, SAP Japan has closed its Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya offices. Reuters reported that SAP’s 1100 staff based in Japan have been asked to work from home or offered transport to the south of the country, away from the areas affected by increased radiation as a result of damage to the country’s nuclear plants.

On the same Month, SAP had reportedly reserved 520 hotel rooms indefinitely for use by employees and their families to use as needed, in an effort to provide the facilities for staff to continuing working online. 

 Now the condition back to normal. SAP Co CEO Mr.Jim went to Japan last week and opened a new office. Yes....

The opening of the new SAP Japan office building one year after the devastating disaster is a clear signal: SAP wants to stay and grow in Japan.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Sybase, an ("AWARD WINNING") SAP Company

SAP Propels Sybase to Winning OCEG 2012 GRC Achievement Award and Principled Performance Prize

SAP AG announced that Sybase, an SAP company, has received the Open Compliance and Ethics Group (OCEG) 2012 GRC Achievement Award and Principled Performance Prize for implementing SAP governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) solutions.


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Big Data Analytics on 20th June: Registration Open

This event brings together CEO, business directors, heads of BI, CIOs, and IT executives to discuss data management, analysis, security and storage strategies and best practices.


Featured Topics

  • How big data analytics can help you stay in step with customer demand and provide the best possible customer experiences
  • Tips for creating an analytical culture that encourages business and IT teams to continuously enhance key processes
  • How deep analytics for big data can increase product quality, leading to higher profitability, loyalty, and reputation
  • Business and Marketing Analytics – Success Through Analysis
  • Business Database Management: Dealing with Big Data
  • Capacity, Insight and Data Monetization

 Technical Topics

  • Scale-Out Storage – Designing Big Data Storage Infrastructures
  • How in-database analytics can increase speed to value by reducing data preparation and movement
  • When to use columnar data warehouses, analytic appliances, Hadoop, and MapReduce for complex, big data workloads
  • How to address new challenges posed by streaming data, social media data, content, and events
  • Core Values in Focus with Managed Security Services
  • Big Data Processing with Hadoop 

     Click Here to Register

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

SuperMapper technology of Data Analysis

Thanks to its new SuperMapper technology, Oversight Systems – SAP partner and continuous analysis software provider – now offers insights on even larger, more complex data sets.


More information, more insights

By integrating the analysis of unstructured data into its CA applications, Oversight is enabling its customers to make smarter decisions based on larger and even more complex data sets. In procurement, for example, Oversight customers use the Assured Best Pricing application to identify opportunities for better purchasing decisions in real time. In the past, they would simply analyze structured data from their ERP system, such as purchase history and inventory data. Now, with SuperMapper technology, the application allows purchasing managers to also analyze unstructured data. This could be from internal sources, such as email conversations with vendors, or from the broader Web, such as discussions in blogs and social media about price trends and product availability.

In the next months and years, Taylor says, Oversight will continue to augment its analytic applications with SuperMapper technology for big data analysis. This could range from revenue generation applications, where companies would be able to gain new insights from the analysis of customer email communications, to fraud detection, where they could analyze related news articles on the Web. “In a sense, we’re simply adding another data source,” says Taylor. “But it’s actually really decisive, because more information means more insights. And that leads to better decisions.”

The new SuperMapper technology is available now as part of every Oversight Systems Continuous Analysis solution. Existing customers will start receiving the benefits as part of their regular upgrade cycle.

 Source :

HASSO + HANA(Vishal Sikka) = Speed

Vishal Sikka and Hasso Plattner presents and talk about SAP HANA. Customers demo HANA apps in the cloud and Hasso introduces new in-memory products.


Vishal Sikka: That it is not a database. People think that it is an in-memory cache. Only the design point is in-memory, but it is a full database. They think in-memory is something you turn the power off and the thing is gone. This is not the case.

The second one is a variation of that. People think that somehow they will always need another database. Hasso and I have said it many, many times that we will ultimately replace the database; we will do it non-disruptively, but we will replace it. But people think that somehow you have to put it as a side by side attachment.


Friday, June 8, 2012

ERP Solutions - SAP Business ByDesign

Integrated business processes in SAP Business ByDesign - Time and attendance with the on-demand solution of SAP Business ByDesign


 As one of the leading manufacturers of solutions for time and attendance and access control, Kaba offers a time and attendance solution integrated in the on-demand software SAP Business ByDesign in service, thus underlining its technological leadership.


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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

SAP Solution Manager 7.1 Q&A Discussion : Register Today

The 7.1 release of SAP Solution Manager marks the evolution of Business Process Change Analyzer (BPCA) and Technical Bill of Materials (TBOMs) for test management and change impact analysis. What are the best practices for applying BPCA to your SAP systems, and what do you need to know to get started?
Register today to join SAP Solution Manager expert and consultant Michael Pytel in an exclusive, one-hour live Q&A on BPCA and TBOMs, Tuesday, June 12 from 12:30pm - 1:30pm in Insider Learning Network's IT Forum.
Bonus Download: When you register you'll also receive a preview of BPCA and TBOMs in action, with a series of screenshots highlighting BPCA functionality, compiled by Michael Pytel. Look for the download link to this document in your confirmation email.
Post your questions for Michael Pytel on BPCA and TBOMs, including topics such as:
  • What are the technical requirements and timeline for implementing the BPCA features?
  • How will BPCA integrate with your current Solution Manager processes?
  • Should we expect BPCA to integrate with ChARM or the Test Workbench, and how easy is this integration process?
  • What are pitfalls to avoid when creating TBOMs?
  • What can we do with the information generated with BPCA?
  • How does BPCA deal with customization we've done in our systems?
  • Do I need to have my business processes documented in Solution Manager before I can begin using BPCA?
  • How can I leverage BPCA to help my company activate Business Functions as part of Enhancement Packages?

Michael Pytel is a certified SAP Solution Manager consultant and SAP NetWeaver Practice Manager at NIMBL. A frequent speaker at SAP TechEd and SAPinsider conferences, Michael oversees NIMBL's delivery of all SAP Solution Manager and SAP NetWeaver component initiatives, and offers practices gleaned from dozens of projects on how to plan, manage, and complete your project more efficiently with SAP Solution Manager.

SAP "It Get's Better" film premiere this Thursday

SAP's anti-bullying "It Get's Better" film will be premiered this Thursday in Palo Alto office.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

SAP applications now available for Smartphones and Tablets

   SAP applications now available for Smartphones and Tablets,

It’s clear that mobile software is on the rise:  According to an IDC study, around 1.19 billion employees – 34.9 percent of all workers worldwide – will be using mobile technologies by the year 2013.

Meanwhile, SAP and Sybase now offer a series of mobile solutions that integrate seamlessly into SAP ERP, SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM), and other SAP applications.

Sybase Unwired Platform is the element that makes this possible by bundling all the apps that connect SAP’s software to your mobile device. This also eliminates the need for separate interfaces between the apps and the corresponding back-end systems. No matter if you use Android, Windows, or iOS on a device from BlackBerry, Samsung, Apple, or another provider, Sybase Unwired Platform offers the integration you need.

SAP currently offers. The company’s product portfolio contains a number of categories, including:
  • Human resource management
  • Sales
  • Service
  • Procurement
  • Finance
  • Specialized apps

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Celebrating 40 Years of Innovation: Short Film

Rewind to the 1970s, when five mavericks risked everything by breaking away from Big Blue to realize their vision for the power of business software.

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