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Monday, September 24, 2018

BOOM! Microsoft, Adobe, SAP announce Open Data Initiative.

Your Data is now yours. #SAP #Adobe and #Microsoft announced #OpenDataInitiative @ #MicrosoftIgnite2018.. Teams up together on open initiative to link data across their products. CEOs announcement make it easier to exchange data between all those products.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Chat with Local Business - Lookup

 At the age of 19, he dropped out of college to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams, started INNOZ technologies, a wireless communication platform at the age of 22. Today, At the age of 26, he is the founder of  Lookup, a cool messaging app that connects shoppers and local businesses. Who's he? "Deepak Ravindran"

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone has invested an undisclosed amount in Lookup. 

“We plan to integrate all the offline businesses into the online world and connect them to their customers. The final goal is to make Lookup a global phenomenon and hope to ease the busy lives of the people,” Ravindran said in his blog about the future plans for the company.

Lookup goal is to help customers to find information, availability of a product, service or support about any local business and get things done over messaging instantly.

Let's wish him a good luck in reaching the top

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

SAP TechEd is now SAP d-code

SAP d-code, the next evolution of technology education, training events and of course it replaces SAP TechEd, Now with SAP d-code we are expanding the concept to include new elements that will deliver value to an even broader ecosystem.

According to SAP report, SAP d-code will incorporate key elements of SAP TechEd, such as hands-on workshops and demo-driven lectures, as well as meet-ups and hack sessions etc..

Dr. Vishal Sikka announces SAP d-code, an evolution of the SAP TechEd program that not only celebrates developers but also provides the entire SAP ecosystem of IT Managers and Architects.... (Watch here..)

Chip Rodgers and Maria Squicciarini introduce SAP d-code.... (Watch here..)

SAP mentors Craig Cmehil and Mark Finnern announces SAP d-code. .. (Watch here..)

Learn more and follow d-Code:

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

SAPWOODS - SAP Technology Conclave

Mindtree is a global information technology solutions company on 1st June 2013 organised an open SAP Professionals get together discussion like never before in Bangalore, India in the name of SAPWOODS.

Many companies across the world who says it cannot be done, impossible etc when dealing with business requirements. But Mindtree – a deep strategic thinking company saying “Welcome to Possible”. SAPWOODS are the best example.   

A mega program “ SAPWOODS” was inaugurated by Arun Rangaraju Senior VP, Head of ERP Practice, Mindtree and gave us the executive key note about capitalizing on technology innovation in Mobile, In-Memory computing and cloud. He was explaining the Mindtree Vision, Mission and business values 

Best Practices of SAP Success factor HCM E Recruiting Implementation was an excellent session given by Raghu Ramanna, ERP Practice, Mindtree. Explaining how current requirement process is carried out in Mindtree and advantage of implementing Success factor tool to build future ready. 

Next sessions like Perform Trade promotion and optimization on mobile with mPromo by Abhishek & Nithin ERP Practice, Mindtree then about Minspection, SAP CPM Mobility Solution by Pradeep Gurumurthy, ERP Practice, Mindtree was wonderful. 

SAP Mobile Platform based solution mPromo - The power of end to end trade promotion management should help today’s fast moving business environment and to access information at the fingertips to make critical business decisions on the go and more explained practically by Abhishek & Nithin. 

Sanju & Hareesha Navada, ERP Practice from Mindtree has covered SAP DMS Implementation – Success Story for SAP IS retail business across the globe in which how to run the business in the remote areas and engaging retail customers using cloud based solutions.

Anubhav Kumar Singh, IT Director ERP CoE, Unilever talks about SAP for Competitive advantage and digitize the value chain with ERP. Additionally he said, Unilever a 50$ billion company running a business successfully and happily with SAP.

Last but not least. Narendrakumar Lebaku, ERP Practice from Mindtree starts with an interesting example to differentiating slow balls and fast balls in the cricket.  Then gradually come to the challenges areas like large ERP database in the business and how to manage it and running the business better, faster and easier by using SAP HANA .

The game changing performer was perfectly answered all the questions raised by the participants and end the final session with meaningful. Outstanding demo Booth’s helps to understand more and more practically.

I would like to thank you for all speakers who gave an excellent knowledge transfer during their individual session of showing rich presentation content and appreciate the kind assistance throughout the program.  Special thanks to Mohan Rao – ERP Practice, Mind Tree who sent a mail, keep on tracking me to attend SAPWOODS and finally ended my Saturday as an informative day of the week. 

Mind Tree – Welcome to Possible
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"Vasanth S is a SAP Consultant at JK Techno Soft Where he focuses on how SAP engaged in Front End Supply Chain can develop business model to a strategy that match his client goals. He has successfully matched the promise of emerging technology and environments to the often business requirements faced by his current client. He examines the many forces changing the business landscape and constantly refine concepts and approaches to reflect the new and emerging reality".

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

iRise inspired Unilever

Unilever is the world's third-largest consumer goods company, comprised of more than 400 brands including household names like Ben & Jerry's, Dove, and Lipton with annual revenue in excess of 50 billion Euros. Unilever created a Requirements Visualization Center of Excellence, with iRise as the main driver behind it. Unilever has made a decision to standardize on iRise for all critical development projects and is empowering all business analysts and designers to be visualizing early in the development life cycle.

In the video above, Unilever Global CIO Willem Eelman talks about how iRise reducing the  rework cost by 50%, overall cost by 20% ,while helping drive increased user adoption and satisfaction, well designed functional requirements and user experience right far earlier in the SDLC, and quickly iterate and get sign off before development begins with iRise visualizations of little or no training, at speed delivery

According to CIO Willem Eelman, 

"this allows us to design once, without error, to the liking and specification of the end user, and then implement".

"iRise has revolutionized the overall process at Unilever, because they are now visualizing solutions and allowing users to test-drive software before development begins".

SAP Application Visualization by iRise is a leading enterprise visualization solution which enables the creation of an integrated view of the entire solution design or simply parts of it. It is more than just visualizing a development, it is visualizing a solution, including integrated end-to-end workflow.

Monday, May 13, 2013

SAPPHIRE NOW 2103 : May 14-16

One of the SAP Biggest Event with the entire SAP ecosystem in one location is none other than SAPPHIRE NOW. A two days event starts on tomorrow.It will be filled with numerous keynotes, demo sessions, and panel discussions. Over 240 exhibitors and SAP partners will be presenting their new products helps your Business Run Better.

Bill McDermott, Co-CEO and Member of the Executive Board of SAP AG Kick off the keynote theater and talk about Next generation customer experience and power of technology to change the game. Followed by Bill, there are even more SAP Global Board menbers, VP's and Directors are giving speech on tomorrow. Better place to CUSTOMIZE YOUR EXPERIENCE.

Don't miss the live Keynotes on the latest SME solutions available via the SAP partner ecosystem.

Get some knowledge about how to boost performance, simplify IT, and accelerate change with SAP database & technology solutions.

Learn how to put the cloud and collaboration tools to work for your business,also get best practices & solutions to your industry or line of business and investigate Analytics & Mobility areas as well. 

Finally Forum Theaters will help you to understand how to run your business better at the Industry & LoB'sHelp your business run like never before with breakthrough innovations inside SAPPHIRE NOW 2013. Don't miss the world's premier business technology event! 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

SAP Pinnacle Awards 2013

SAP is proud to announce finalists and winners for the prestigious SAP Pinnacle Awards 2013. This is one of the Way to recognizing SAP's most outstanding partners. It helps SAP Partner to Run Together, Run Further, Run Smarter & Run Greener..

Recipients of the 2013 SAP Pinnacle awards are as follows:
Run Together
  • Database and Technology / SAP HANA Application Innovator of the Year – AlertEnterprise
  • Packaged Mobile Application Innovator of the Year – ExpertIG
  • Technology Partner Innovator of the Year – HP
  • Solution Extension Partners of the Year – OpenText and Vistex
  • Database and Technology / SAP HANA Co-innovation Partner of the Year – IBM
  • Mobile Co-innovation Partner of the Year – Capgemini
  • Cloud Co-innovation Partner of the Year – Accenture
  • Applications Co-innovation Partner of the Year – Atos
  • Analytics Co-innovation Partner of the Year – Shanghai Data Converging
Run Further
  • VAR/Reseller of the Year – IBM
  • SME VAR/Reseller of the Year – All for One
  • OEM Partner of the Year – RAMO Sistemas
  • Distribution Partner of the Year – ETZ
  • Outsourcing & Cloud Services Provider of the Year – Groupo Gigante
  • System Integrator Market Impact Award – Accenture
Run Smarter
  • Service Expansion Award – IBM
  • Quality Award Partner of the Year – Deloitte
  • Run SAP Partner of the Year – Tata Consultancy Services
Run Greener
  • Sustainability Partner of the Year – Atos

Monday, March 4, 2013

SAP Acquires SmartOps

 SmartOps, a leading provider of inventory and service-level optimization software solutions. Now an SAP Company! SAP has acquired Smartops to develop real time supply chain software solutions, leveraging the SAP HANA Platform which helps the customers to run their business in real time the easy way "to reduce the demand uncertainty, better predictability and increased short-term forecast accuracy is needed. Only this will keep inventory as low as possible during day-to-day operations". said SAP.

About SmartOps from web: Vision to provide key operating parameters and targets for supply chain planning is what established SmartOps as the leader in the market of Enterprise Inventory Optimization software.  Our vision has resulted in global organizations realizing billions of dollars in inventory reductions and increased sales revenue. Fortune 1000 and Global 2000 companies in discrete manufacturing, consumer durables and packaged goods, technology, pharmaceuticals manufacturing, distribution and retail industries rely on SmartOps solutions to dramatically improve supply chain performance. More about their history, innovation and road map : 

Comments about this acquisition:

“We are at a turning point in the global market for supply and demand technology,” said Abdul Razack , Senior vice president and head of Customer Engagement and Strategic Projects, SAP. “With the addition of SmartOps, SAP will be able to dramatically accelerate and improve the performance of real-time world-class supply chain management solutions that give customers the decisive competitive edge to succeed and grow their business.”

“Joining SAP is both a strategic and exciting move for us,” said Martin Barkman , president and CEO, SmartOps. “Having already embraced the need for both on-premise and cloud-based solutions, the prospect of developing these on SAP HANA will propel us to new heights in technology innovation.”

Join the SmartOps CommunityRequest a SmartOps Software Demo
Watch SmartOps VideosTest Your IntuitionSmartOps Global

Monday, February 18, 2013

Mobile World Congress 2013

Mobile World Congress 2013 - The industry’s largest and most excellent annual event to be held 25-28 February in the Mobile World Capital, Barcelona. I want to share you the quick look about this mega Event.

Mobile World Congress 2013 is the best place to see new technologies and innovations in the mobile industry.

Interactive Venue map :

You can use directly in the below link.

And the agenda includes all conference and seminar events at MWC2013.

View conference content from MWC 2012 at Mobile World Live

Want to learn Critical global business trends? Strategies and technological innovation? CEOs and executives share their insights in the keynote session. Don't miss!!!

All event information's and updates in the palm of your hand. Mobile World congress offering us to download their application freely. Select your mobile device to visit the download page and download it.

Play the Mobile Culture Trivia challenge and win more prices right now!!

To play the Mobile Culture Trivia Challenge follow the instructions below:

* For Desktops click and play on this link:

*For Android mobile users - standard web browsers please click on and play via this link:

*Facebook on iPhone users are recommended to re-type the link into their safari browser (do not click the link). That address is:

Enjoying your time at Mobile World Congress in the fastest improving European city. I'm waiting for everyone's experience about Mobile World Congress.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

SAP Vision - Mission - Values

Digital, Social, and Communities at SAP  

 Marketing Innovation Study Trip in Chip Rodgers Slides shares

Want to know:

The use of SAP 


SAP Innovation 


SAP Solution 


SAP Ecosystem 


About SAP People 


About SAP's 40 years of Innovation?????


"More and More"

I wont write anything here!! SAP VCC Chip Rodgers has already shared everything within 28 slide. 

The link was here : Click!!Click!!Click

SAP - Innovate Like Never Before

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