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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Rapid implementation solutions in 2012.

Rapid implementation solutions are being developed as a way of adding value to large deployments. Are they all they are cracked up to be?

Monday, December 26, 2011

What's new: Easier communication, faster invitations, and better tracking

With the latest release of SAP StreamWork, you'll be able to communicate more easily, invite others more quickly, and track your activities, actions, and agendas more closely. Read on to see how you can:

Tag and track conversations.

Alert others with @mentions.

Invite multiple people quickly.

Add due dates to activities.

Monitor action item completion.

Set agenda schedules more accurately.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

SAP Solution Manager 7.1

Thursday, December 8, 2011

SAP - Super & Awesome Performer

SAP - Super & Awesome Performer

SAP has been a market leader, if not the market leader in the enterprise resource planning, ERP systems arena for the last three decades. Although the competition is fierce with a lot of new entrants in the market place from large and small vendors over this time, SAP is still a leader in enterprise software.


Its a like parent child relationship

God Father : ERP

Super parent : SAP

Awesome Childs :

The Great Solution Manager
Rapid deployment system(RDS)
Business one
Business All in One
Business By design
SNC(ICH) & etc.,

Therefore I, we will calling as SAP a Super & Awesome Performer

SAP Solutions for Aerospace and Defense

To run a successful Aerospace and Defense manufacturing business in today’s complex marketplace, business leaders must have access to accurate, comprehensive information.

The ability to improve Business Intelligence programs and make decisions based on real-time information is vital to achieve higher margins and meet customer requirements. For companies that have grown through acquisition or have maintained multiple sets of business processes and reporting approaches, the continuing use of different financial, procurement, and supply chain systems can cripple efficiencies by making enterprise-wide visibility and management difficult—if not impossible.

To support rapid organizational change and empower its 35,000 employees, Saudi Arabian Airlines (SAA) needed to consolidate and streamline its HR processes. By deploying the SAP® ERP Human Capital Management (SAP ERP HCM) solution, SAA has transformed its global operation with improved productivity and service. “SAP ERP HCM helps us perform better – for our customers and our employees,” says Hatem Bakheet, human capital management leader at the Customer Center of Expertise (Customer COE) organization at SAA.

The SAP® Business ByDesign™ : Built-in Business Analytics, Services & Support

• Financial and management accounting
• Cash flow management

Customer Relationship Management
• Marketing
• Sales
• Service

Human Resources Management
• Organizational management
• Human resources
• Employee self-service

Supply Chain Management
• Supply chain setup management
• Supply chain planning and control
• Manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics

Project Management

Supplier Relationship Management
• Sourcing
• Purchasing

Compliance Management

Executive Management Support
• Business performance management

SAP Business ByDesign - Access to the right components, at the right time

Because SAP Business ByDesign has been built with a software as a service model, you're able to access all the components as you need them. For example:

For those who are looking for a customizable software tool that allows you to innovate while still creating custom reports, you can choose the components you need to monitor specific areas of your business and easily create those reports.

For those looking for a software solution that will grow with your company but still want to manage costs, the low monthly subscription costs of SAP Business ByDesign allow you to choose business management applications that fit your budget. As your budget grows, simply add more components.

And if you're looking for a secure data infrastructure but you're not ready to install one on site, Software as a service with SAP is hosted in a secure data server with all of your locations connected in.

For growing organizations, knowing that you can readily access the tools you need is critical. A cloud ERP solution like SAP Business ByDesign allows you to get the IT expertise you need without hiring specialized staff and making a big investment in a software you may not need right away.

Benifits of SAP Business ByDesign :

It gives you an overall view of your business. Business ByDesign streamlines and optimizes every area of your organization, providing transparency and control over all your operations so you can make faster, smarter decisions.

It’s on the cloud. Business ByDesign allows you to focus on your business, not IT. SAP manages your software for you, so you get the benefits of a large-scale business application without the need for a large IT infrastructure.

Quick, easy implementation. The adaptable solution provides a solid blueprint for growth in minimal time through unmatched ease of adoption and use.

It’s affordable. You get all the advantages of SAP in a package that fits your needs at predictable cost and low risk.

SAP Training Manuals

Wow! This is a big move for us.

Our SAP Training Manuals are now for sale.

Learn which ones are available, how to buy the manuals, and copyright restrictions.

The careful reader will note that we didn't say much on the website about why we are doing this, and any concerns that we have about possible cannibalization of future training revenue.

As the economy has gone downhill and the recovery has stalled over the last 18 months, corporate IT training has changed rapidly. Companies have slashed travel and training budgets, and training vendors (even SAP and Oracle) are scrambling to figure out what to do next.

What makes sense, in this market, is to offer a number of different educational products--focused on content that can be consumed in a variety of ways, and in pieces smaller than a traditional week-long class with a live instructor.

We have a number of initiatives going on at ERPtips (SAP) and JDEtips (JD Edwards).

In addition to selling our SAP training manuals, we'll be increasing our virtual training offerings, creating eLearning modules for self-study, and creating more videos to supplement our SAP Library, ERPtips Journal.

I consider selling our SAP manuals to be similar to the Journal--offering "bite sized" pieces of learning materials--in this case a lot of "bites" that can be consumed over time.

Will selling our entire set of training materials cannibalize training revenue from future classes? I don't think it will. First, some people just don't have the time or budget to ever attend a class. Second, some clients will be impressed with the level of material covered and will realize just how valuable attending a class would be. At a class you get a lot more--especially the opportunity to interact with a senior instructor/consultant who has many years of implementation experience, plus the interaction with other students who have a lot of good ideas to contribute as well.

I recently licensed some eLearning content to learn Adobe Captivate. It was about 8 hours of eLearning (ironically, to learn how to use an eLearning development software package) and I made it through about half. But that was all I really needed to get started using the software. I still have access to the learning content and plan to go back and review it over time, as I need to learn additional features. That said, I really want to take a live class now so I can perfect my skills and ask the instructor a load of question I know have that have had the opportunity to try the software, make mistakes and learn what I need to really need to know.

So, as a consumer of software training with a very demanding schedule, I know this model will work for ERPtips and that allowing our customers to buy our manuals will just make them want to come back to us for more learning, in more training medias (live, instructor led training, virtual classes, webinars, eLearning, etc.).

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

SAP seeks to speed up, facilitate HANA deployments

SAP is applying its Rapid Deployment (RDS) software model to its in-memory technology. The move, according to SAP, is a response to customers SAP says are looking for a way to deploy HANA faster, easier and more predictably than they can now,

Like the existing RDS applications, which are designed to be part of larger enterprise applications that address a certain function or specific need, the RDS packages for HANA are centered around more straightforward use cases. So far, that includes deploying the SAP CO-PA Accelerator software, or using HANA for faster BusinessObjects reporting, according to Phillips Hofmann, head of SAP RDS communications.

SAP is also launching an RDS package for the Sybase mobile sales application for SAP CRM.

Like with other RDS applications, the new packages are designed to take some of the guesswork out of deployment, and allow customers to get things up and running in eight weeks. Hofmann declined to say how many customers had purchased the packages, or what the cost was. However, the cost of the HANA appliance is not included in the RDS price.

“The goal of it is to make it so that you have the transparency of what the pricing is, the timeline, everything. It’s like a Happy Meal, where you know what you’re getting,” Hofmann said.

Is Virtualization Stepping Stone to the Cloud for SAP Customers?

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Have questions about virtualization, private clouds, public clouds, hybrid clouds and the future of your SAP environment?

Optimal is proud to partner with Aberdeen Group in promoting a survey to better understand the plans SAP customers have today for virtualization and cloud migration.

As thanks for taking 10 to 15 minutes to answer this survey, respondents receive a complimentary copy of the report which is expected to be available after December 31st.

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Monday, December 5, 2011

SuccessFactors is worth premium, says SAP co-CEO

The co-CEO of Germany's SAP, Jim Hagemann Snabe, says that the $3.4 billion buy of SuccessFactors is worth the hefty premium and will give the German software group prominence in the cloud.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

SAP buys US software company SuccessFactors for $3.4 bln

ermany's SAP, a software company specialising in human resources functions, on Saturday announced it was to acquire US company SuccessFactors for $3.4 billion.

Under the deal, an American subsidiary will pay $40 per share in cash for SuccessFactors, 52 percent more than the closing stock price on Friday, a statement said.

The deal is the latest development in the growing rivalry between SAP and competitor Oracle.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Google Maps gives SAP's business intelligence a new direction

SAP and Google have teamed up to bring Google Maps and Google Earth to SAP's business intelligence software.

The idea behind the tie-in is to allow large volumes of data to be presented visually, helping users make quicker decisions based on real-time information.

Sample SAP Mobility Architecture

Provides an enterprise-class mobility platform delivered, maintained, and further developed by SAP, as your unified mobile enterprise application platform (MEAP.

• Includes fully integrated mobile device, user, apps, and security capabilities
• Includes non-SAP, thin integration layers, so that well selected instant value prepackaged solutions can be added out of the box
• Supports multiple mobile devices and operating systems

SAP to Spend US$2 Billion in China

SAP has announced multi-year spending plans of more than US$2 billion through 2015 to grow its business in China.
The company intends to deepen its investment in this key global market to further underscore its long-term strategic commitment to the world's second-largest economy.

Upcoming Technologies in SAP?

What are the new upcoming technologies in SAP?

NetWeaver is the way to go. So is Java. And while you're at it, get your feet wet in the open source world. SAP has a major commitment to open source, and skills in open source technology such as LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) will be extremely useful in the SAP world of the future.

Upcoming SAP Mentor Monday Webinars

SAP Mentor Monthly Webinar Series (First Monday every Month)
Presenters: SAP Mentors Monday TBA

In these monthly series that take place on the first Monday of every month, we will discuss what has happened around the SAP Mentor Land and what to expect in the following month.

SAP Connect Session: Dial in: Numbers Participant Passcode: 3032344038

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