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Thursday, March 29, 2012

iRise for SAP: Visualize Before You Build

Standish Group Chaos Report, 2007

“In the year 2006, 70% of projects failed to meet deadlines, & 50% of projects failed to meet the needs of the business; 80% of the issues stem from poor requirements.

Issue 1:

Business Users Don’t Know What They Want Until They See & Interact With It

Issue 2:

Business Users Can’t Interpret Text Specs., Use Cases, Screen Shots, etc.

The Solution: iRise Visualization

Usability Improvement Process


Pain Points:

•Long cycle times

•Late stage rework

•Poor adoption

•High project costs

•Strained relationships

After :


•Accelerated Time to Market

•Often No Rework

•High Adoption

•Improved User Experience

•Substantial Budget Savings

•Strengthened relationships


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