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Monday, August 29, 2011

SAP Basis and Security Technology

The term 'Basis' when used in the context of SAP technology refers to the application layer of the SAP system. When you think about the role a 'Basis Adminstrator' has, it should include system administration tasks such as managing the database, transporting development and configuration objects from one SAP system to another, monitoring system performance to ensure no interruption in system stability occurs in the SAP production environment, installing and upgrading the software on the servers, and system security.

Security refers to both application security in the SAP Runtime environment and the system access outside the SAP Runtime environment. The user accounts defined for users in the SAP Runtime environment are secured by roles that grant authorizations to them. SAP Authorizations control access to transactions (Business Process Activities), or what can be performed within a specific business process step. For example, a user may be able to create sales orders, but only for their specific sales area, sales office and customer.


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